Saw “Me?” on top20 sweden Itunes charts and decided too see how it was doing internationally! Pretty aight!


Hi I'm wondering if you have the link to the video of the Peter Pan gifs you made of Ye eun? Thank you!!

Yep! It’s her album jacket photoshoot. Peter Pan part is right at the end. :)

Peter Pan

Iron Girl

Nothing Lasts Forever




more in the queue and I’ll do the rest tomorrow :)

Ain’t Nobody

[Trans] Yeeun’s Interview (Wonder Girls parts)


Yeeun “Lim’s rap was featured in my song and even though there are no plans for Lim to perform with me as of now, but if I can perform with Lim on shows like Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, that would be great. Sunmi has introduced several photographer to me, someone I didn’t know but is able to understand me. She helped me with my first teaser. Yubin unnie went to New York with me and helped me with the filming. She was even involved in the post-production editing of the MV. I still keep in contact with Sunye, she sent me a message, prayed for me and listened to my music. We initially wanted to meet up in New York, but due to a tight schedule, we were unable to do so. As for Sohee, I believe in her fashion sense, so I sent her copies of my logo design and she gave me her opinions. Wonder Girls is a group that came together because of fate. We shared happy times and sad times, and the members are the ones who understand me the most and the ones I trusted most”

Yeeun has also become an aunt, and showed affection for Sunye’s daughter, remarking that Sunye’s daughter is really pretty. Whenever she sees baby clothes, she will buy them as gifts, and Sunye will also send her photos as proof-shot.

With regards to the future of Wonder Girls, Yeeun said “Wonder Girls is like a family. There are times when a member of the family will leave for study, to the military or to get married. We are now working towards our own passion. Lim is filming a movie, Yubin is interested in directing and is learning the drums. Sunye is living a blissful married life. Although we are from the same group, but we are clear about the life we want to live. We bear the hopes of reuniting one day, and fans’ worries about Wonder Girls’ disbanding will not happen.

When asked about the possibility of a sub-unit, Yeeun said “I am now living with Yubin, Lim and Sunmi. Sometimes we will discuss about the various music concept and MV while sitting on the sofa. Although we have no fix schedule as of now, but we are very eager, regardless whether it’s a sub-unit or a full comeback, Wonder Girls new album has always been a topic of discussion among us.

(Note: She gave a mass-interview to several news outlet, so the contents are compiled from various sources)


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